University Center and Student Life Pavilion

The Hahn University Center and the Student Life Pavilion function as the focal point of student life on campus and provides Toreros with the experiences, resources and amenities they need to succeed — both in and out of the classroom. Our focus is to provide a heightened sense of community for undergraduate students, graduate and law students, faculty, staff, alumni and visitors through state-of-the-art service, innovative technological resources and first-rate dining and hospitality options.

The Hahn University Center (UC) provides facilities and related support services for a wide range of educational and social activities. The Office of the Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Dean of Students, Student Life offices and Student Wellness are located in the UC. Student Affairs has overall responsibility for residential life, student government, student activities and student organizations, multicultural and women’s centers, health and wellness, recreation and fitness, student conduct and student support services.

1st Floor: Campus Card Services; Center for Health and Wellness; Center for Awareness, Service and Action; Center for Student Success; Commuter Lounge; One Stop Student Center; Outdoor Adventures; Parking Services; US Bank branch.

2nd Floor: Office of Student Affairs, Dean of Students; Student Life; Veteran Student Services; Torero Store; Frank’s Lounge; Student Support Services; University Ministry.

The Student Life Pavilion (SLP) is an extension of the UC and the first gold LEED building on campus. The 50,000-square-foot SLP features a wide-range of dining options, an organic market and numerous spaces for student government, Greek life and student centers and organizations. the first floor which offers twelve unique dining options encompassing an array of international cuisine.

  • 1st Floor: Pavilion Dining with 12 unique dining options.
  • 2nd Floor: Tu Mercado grocery store; L’atelier deli.
  • 3rd Floor: Creative Zone; Student Leadership and Involvement Center that brings together AS leadership, student organizations and Greek life; Student Lounge.
  • 4th Floor: Graduate and Law Commons; Honors Program Office and Lounge; International Student Lounge; United Front Muliticultural Center; USD TV; USD Radio Station; Vista Newspaper; Women’s Center.