Minors are open to all undergraduate students, including students outside the School of Business degree programs. For students majoring in the School of Business, upper division courses taken in the major may not be counted toward the minor; only the lower division courses may be used to satisfy courses taken in preparation for a major and core curriculum requirements. For example, students who are majoring in Business Administration and minoring in Management are permitted to use ECON 101 and ACCT 201 in preparation of their Business Administration major and their minor. However, MGMT 300 and a Management elective, required for the Business Administration major, can not be counted for the minor. Rather, two additional Management electives must be taken in order to meet the nine upper division electives required for the minor. Please check with an advisor about prerequisite courses that are required prior to taking a course listed in one of the minors.    

At least 6 units in a minor must be in upper division courses, and these units require a grade point average of 2.0 with C– or better. At least 6 upper division units in a minor must be taken at USD.