2021-2022 Graduate Course Catalog

Graduate Programs

USD offers 28 master's degrees, three doctoral degrees, the JD, and five LLM degrees. Across all of our graduate programs, award-winning faculty engage students through small class sizes, hands-on research, and real-world global experiences and knowledge. The is the list of degrees currently offered. Detailed information about these degrees is available through the Graduate Course Catalog and the School of Law.

Because of the variety of programs offered, there are many different deadlines associated with our graduate programs. In some cases, programs offer entry during the summer, spring, and fall terms, while others only fall or summer entry. Please consult with the program website, admissions information page, or the graduate catalog for the deadlines associated with your program.

Reservation of the Right to Modify

It is the policy of the University of San Diego to adhere to the rules and regulations, course offerings and financial charges as announced in this catalog or other university publications. The university nevertheless hereby gives notice that it reserves the right to expand, delete or otherwise modify its degree programs or courses of study, to change its rules affecting the admission and retention of students or the granting of credit or degrees, to change the academic calendar, course offerings, course content or to alter its fees and other charges, whenever such changes are adjudged by it to be desirable or necessary.

Responsibility of Students

Students enrolled at USD are responsible for adhering to all regulations, schedules, and deadlines outlined in this course catalog and in any handbooks, contracts, or guideline sheets pertinent to their program. Students have the further responsibility of ensuring that all graduation requirements are met. Questions on these matters should be directed to the student’s faculty advisor.

2021-2022 Graduate Catalog of Record (pdf)

Archived Graduate Course Catalogs

For archived Graduate Course Catalogs prior to 2009, please contact the Office of the Registrar.