Summer and Intersession


The University of San Diego follows the 4-1-4 academic calendar: fall and spring semesters of approximately four months each and a January Intersession of three weeks. Although students are not required to attend Intersession, many students are able to move more quickly through their program or to lighten their load in the regular semester by taking a course during January. One 3- or 4-unit course is the maximum allowed during Intersession; USD will not accept units taken concurrently at another college or university. A maximum of four units may be transferred from another college or university to USD if a student is not concurrently enrolled at USD.

Summer Sessions

Academic courses are offered in sessions of various lengths over the 12-week summer period. Students may take one more unit than the number of weeks of the session (i.e., four units in a 3-week session) for a total of 13 units over the 12-week period. These limits apply to any combination of courses taken concurrently at USD and another institution.

August graduates who wish to participate in the May Commencement ceremony must register and pay for their remaining classes by May 1, and take all their remaining courses in USD’s Summer Sessions. Withdrawing from summer course(s) after having participated in the commencement ceremony will result in being charged a forfeit fee equal to 100% of the tuition charges for the enrolled summer classes. The summer sessions class schedule may be obtained on the Portal, or at the Summer and Intersession Office, Founders Hall, Room 117.

For detailed information visit Summer and Intersession website.