Withdrawal from the University

Students who terminate their enrollment in a graduate program must file an official Notice of Withdrawal with the One Stop Student Center. If they are currently registered for courses, students must withdraw prior to the deadline to withdraw from classes (see Academic Calendar; also Refund Policy). Courses dropped on or before the deadline will receive a grade of ‘W’ (not included in the GPA). Filing a Notice of Withdrawal after the deadline will make the withdrawal effective at the end of the current term and will result in the posting of grades for the term. Students forced to discontinue enrollment after the withdrawal deadline due to a documented emergency may petition their respective dean for an exception to this policy; however, the petition must be filed prior to the last day of classes and is subject to review. International students must follow the same procedures and, in addition, obtain clearance from the Office of International Students and Scholars located in Serra Hall, Room 315.

Students Involuntarily Called to Military Duty: Active Reservists and DUI 

The University of San Diego supports and respects the obligations of students involuntarily called to active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States. USD will make reasonable accommodations for such students, and will endeavor to assist them to meet their military obligations without loss of academic status or opportunities.

A student active reservist involuntarily called   to active   duty in any branch of the military services of the United States while enrolled in the University, or a student assigned to Duty Under Instruction (DUI) who is called back to regular duty, will be released without penalty from academic responsibilities. The   student must present evidence   to his or her academic dean that he or she has been involuntarily called to active military  duty. The following options are available:

  1.  A student active   reservist involuntarily called to active duty may request to withdraw without penalty from all classes and receive a full refund of tuition and fees paid for class enrollment. Room and board refunds will be prorated. The dean’s official authorization of Withdrawal without penalty shall be forwarded to the Registrar, the Financial Aid Office, and Student Accounts. Students receiving financial aid will discuss their circumstances with the Financial Aid Office.
  2.  If a student is involuntarily called to active military duty near the end of a term, the student may initiate an action through the appropriate dean's office to request the teacher of record in all or some courses that the student be permitted to make special arrangements which are consonant with the policies of the student's academic unit (for example, an Incomplete grade, an early final examination, or other appropriate resolution.) Any such arrangement will include a written agreement of the special conditions, and be signed by the student and the teacher of record.
  3. Under option #1 or #2 above, the student may request a leave of absence from the University of San Diego. If the student remains on involuntary active duty, and so notifies the university, the extension of the leave of absence is automatic. For good cause, a requested extension of the leave of absence of reasonable length, beyond the active duty period, may be granted at the discretion of the dean.
  4. Where applicable, the student's transcript shall include a notation that a W or an I is based on "Involuntary Call Up to Military Duty."

This policy may be supplemented as needed in response to changes in the military situation, or to deal with individual circumstances not covered by the policy.