Graduate Certificate in Accountancy

A Graduate Certificate in Accountancy is offered for those students who desire additional professional accountancy courses, but who do not desire a complete graduate accounting degree. This certificate program is geared toward individuals that already have undergraduate accounting degrees or their equivalent. The certificate should be of strong interest to individuals who wish to:

  1. Complete the remainder of their 150 semester-unit requirements for their CPA certificate;
  2. Update or extend their accountancy and financial management skills; and/or,
  3. Complete continuing professional education (CPE) credit to maintain their current CPA license.

Admission Process for The Graduate Certificate in Accountancy

Students must complete the following for admission to this certificate program:

  1. Complete the application materials for the Graduate Certificate in Accountancy program.

Note that the above application will require students to submit transcripts of prior undergraduate and graduate work. A 3.0 accounting course GPA and 3.0 overall GPA is the normal cutoff for admission. However, applicants with lower prior GPAs will be considered with additional evidence of strong professional accounting or financial management credentials. The application will also require two recommendation letters.

Program Requirements

This graduate certificate program requires the completion of 15-semester units of MACC prefixed coursework. Students may select any 15 MACC prefixed semester units (excluding MACC 501, MACC 502 and MACC 503) based on their continuing professional education needs and their career objectives. Approval of their Program Plan by the Academic Director prior to beginning their certificate program.

Students in this certificate program who subsequently decide to apply and enroll in the MACC or MTAX degree programs will be allowed to apply the units already completed in the certificate program to their graduate degree. Enrollment in the MACC or MTAX program must, however, begin within two years of the completion of this graduate certificate program in order for the completed units to be applied to the graduate degree. Students may not be concurrently enrolled in this certificate program and any other School of Business degree or certificate program.