BSN to DNP Psychiatric-​​Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Track

NP Core
APNC 520Advanced Pathophysiology3
APNC 521APRN Physical Assessment and Diagnosis4
APNC 523Pharmacology in Health Management3
APNC 524Advanced Pharmacology3
NPTC 611Foundations of Psychiatric Assessment3
NPTC 612Foundations of Psychopharmacology5
NPTC 613Foundations of Psychotherapy5
NPTC 614Applied Psychotherapeutics with Adults - I5
NPTC 615Applied Psychotherapeutics with Adults - II5
NPTC 6165
NPTC 617Applied Psychotherapeutics with Children & Adolescents – I5
NPTC 618Applied Psychotherapeutics with Children & Adolescents – II5
DNP Core
DNPC 610Philosophy of Reflective Practice3
DNPC 611Methods of Translational Science/ Evidence Based Clinical Practice3
DNPC 622Pathogenesis of Complex Disease3
DNPC 625Epidemiology: Foundations of Evidence-Based Practice3
DNPC 626Strategic Planning and Quality Initiatives3
DNPC 648Health Policy Analysis3
DNPC 653Financial Decision Making for Health Care Settings3
DNPC 686Perspectives in Program Planning and Evaluation3
Scholarly Practice
DNPC 630DNP Scholarly Practice8
Total Units83