Credential Program

The Educational Leadership Development Academy Program (ELDA)

This 24-unit program of study includes coursework and an intensive fieldwork experience in school leadership over the duration of the program. Classes are held on weekdays and occasional weekends throughout the year. Fieldwork placements will be selected jointly by the program administration and the candidates’ district supervisors to ensure a learning environment that will adequately support participant learning in the critical areas of site leadership.

The program of study meets the requirements for the California Preliminary Administrative Services Certificate of Eligibility.

The ELDA Intern Program provides an intern credential for administrators who are selected by a public school district or a county office of education and placed in an administrative position under the supervision of a University of San Diego Supervisor. These candidates work in the administrative position and enroll in coursework at the University to earn the Preliminary Administrative Services Credential.

Additional Requirements for Admission

See here for basic admission requirements.

Educational Leadership Development Program

ELDA Program Required Courses (24 units)

LEAD 552School Law for Aspiring Leaders3
LEAD 553Instructional leadership and Supervision I2
LEAD 554Instructional Leadership and Supervision II2
LEAD 558Leadership and the Dynamics of School Organizations3
LEAD 588Diversity and the Preparation of School Leaders2
LEAD 583Special Topics I1
LEAD 584Special Topics II2
LEAD 590Curriculum Development: Acess, Assessment and School Improvement I3
LEAD 591Curriculum Development: Access, Assessment and School Improvement II2
LEAD 597PPracticum in School Administration I2
LEAD 598PPracticum in School Administration II3

Exit Requirements

Candidates will be interviewed by a panel of content experts using questions and corresponding rubrics aligned to the California Administrative Performance Expectations (CAPES).