MCC 1-Year Program

The Master’s Credential Cohort (MCC) Program - One Year Program is designed to prepare effective elementary, middle and high school educators. The program emphasizes the connection between theory and practice, weaving together university-based coursework and thoughtfully designed field experiences. Candidates in the one year program develop the knowledge, skills and strategies needed to flourish in their own classrooms, as well as the critical habits of mind and reflective practice that will allow them to grow as educators throughout their careers. Faculty and students in the program are committed to teaching for social justice and promoting educational excellence and equity in all school settings. At the conclusion of the program, successful candidates will have earned a Master’s of Education in Curriculum and Instruction and a Single Subject Teaching Credential.

The MCC program uses a cohort model in alignment with its vision of providing candidates with opportunities to enhance the quality of their experiences by learning from each other.

Requirements for MCC 1 Year Single Subject 

Summer 1
EDUC 540Introduction to the Nature of Language and Linguistic3
EDUC 581CMulticultural and Philosophical Foundations of Education in a Global Society3
EDUC 582Psychological Foundations of Education in a Diverse Society3
Fall I
EDUC 532PCurriculum and Methods of Teaching in Today's Global Secondary Classrooms3
EDUC 534PMethods of Teaching Literacy in Secondary Schools in a Global Society3
EDUC 551PMCC Extended Practicum2
EDUC 567SMCC Teaching Seminar I3
EDUC 584CMethods of Teaching English Language and Academic Development in Crosscultural Contexts3
Intersession I
EDSP 589PHealthy Environments and Inclusive Education in a Global Society3
Spring I
EDUC 552PMCC Student Teaching6
EDUC 557Action Research for MCC Candidates I3
EDUC 535Curriculum Design and Evaluation3
or EDUC 578 Learning and Technology
Summer II
EDUC 510Cognition and Learning3
EDUC 558Action Research for MCC Candidates II1
EDUC 536Curriculum Innovations 13
or EDUC 504 International and Comparative Education
or EDUC 579 Experimental Topics
Total Units45

Grades of B- or better are required in all credential courses, including student teaching.

International Requirement

At SOLES, all masters and doctoral students participate in an international experience designed to support the growth of cultural competency. Our goal is to inform best practices in working with culturally diverse populations locally, nationally and globally.  International experiences are approved by each student's faculty advisor and can be credit based or non-credit based activities.

Exit Requirement

Action Research or Capstone Project and Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)