Master's Credential Cohort: Special Education Master's Degree Program and Credential

The Master's Credential Cohort (MCC) Special Education program offers a master’s degree and the preliminary education specialist credential program with mild/moderate authorization. The program prepares candidates to work with students with disabilities from kindergarten through 22 years of age. The combination of theory and practical experience provides graduates with a solid understanding, knowledge and skill set to function as highly effective special educators. The credential and degree programs are nationally recognized by the Council for Exceptional Children. Candidates use an action research inquiry based model to demonstrate their credential and master’s degree competency.  At the conclusion of the program, successful candidates will have earned a Master’s in Special Education with a Preliminary Education Specialist Teaching Credential with mild to moderate disabilities. Candidates undertake field experiences each semester which are aligned with the courses for the semester and culminate in a full-time student teaching experience.

The Master’s Credential Cohort program uses a cohort model in alignment with its vision of providing candidates with opportunities to enhance the quality of their experiences by learning from each other.

Requirements for MCC Special Education and Education Specialist Credential

EDTE 500PDiversity, Inclusion & Schooling3
EDTE 501PMethods for Language & Literacy3
EDTE 502PElementary Methods I: Math & Science3
or EDTE 504P Secondary Methods I
EDTE 503PElementary Methods II: Humanities3
or EDTE 505P Secondary Methods II: Social Science
or EDTE 506P Secondary Methods II: Science
or EDTE 507P Secondary Methods II: Mathematics
or EDTE 508P Secondary Methods II: English
or EDTE 509P Secondary Methods II: World Language
EDTE 510PEducational Psychology3
EDTE 511PEquity & Advocacy in Educational Systems3
EDTE 512PMethods for English Learners3
EDTE 513PPositive Behavior Supports for Family, School, and Community Engagement3
EDTE 514Educational Research Methods3
EDTE 515SCapstone Seminar 3
EDTE 516Technology & Learning 3
EDTE 517PAssessment 3
EDTE 551PClinical Experience 1: Practicum1
EDTE 552PClinical Experience 2: Extended Practicum2
EDTE 553FClinical Experience: General Education Student Teaching3
EDTE 554FClinical Experience: Education Specialist Student Teaching3
EDTE 5XX (Elective: Global Experience) 13
Total Units48

Grades of B- or better are required in all credential courses, including student teaching.

Candidates who obtain an internship or teacher of record position will be required to complete an additional one-unit of field support for every semester in the position.

International Requirement

At SOLES, all masters and doctoral students participate in an international experience designed to support the growth of cultural competency. Our goal is to inform best practices in working with culturally diverse populations locally, nationally and globally.  International experiences are approved by each student's faculty advisor and can be credit based or non-credit based activities.

Exit Requirement

Action Research or Capstone Project and if required the Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)