Donor Scholarships and Grants

The University of San Diego receives donations from private sources to provide various scholarships, grants and loan funds to selected students in the name of the donor. In addition to meeting the USD Scholarship criteria, additional qualifications and requirements may be stipulated by the donor.

Students are automatically considered for any of the scholarships listed below for which they are eligible when they apply for financial aid at USD. For some scholarships with specific requirements, the USD Scholarship Questionnaire is used to determine eligibility and only students who complete this form are considered for those scholarships.

Annual Scholarships and Awards

The following scholarships and awards are given annually by donors or various university departments. The requirements vary and are established by the donor.

  • The Burnham Foundation Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • California Building Industry Association/Ernest W. Hahn Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • California Building Industry Association/Harry L. Summers Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • California Building Industry Association/Fieldstone Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • Mary Jane Charlton Nursing Scholarship
  • Danvera Foudation Scholarship for MEPN (Master’s Entry Program in Nursing)
  • Diversity Scholarship Program in the Department of Learning and Teaching1
  • Foster Dissertation Award
  • Eris McCoy Gallagher Scholarship Program (Education)1
  • Gandhi Fellowship (Master of Arts in Peace and Justice Studies)
  • Marion Hubbard Loan Fund (Nursing)
  • Joan B. Kroc Scholarship in Peace and Justice Studies (Master of Arts in Peace and Justice Studies)
  • Mark J. Riedy Legacy Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • Master of Science in Executive Leadership Meg Whitman Scholarship
  • SIOR Foundation Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • The W. Scott McIntyre Memorial Scholarship
  • Silvergate Bank Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • The PMI Foundation Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • Linda C. Romero Memorial Scholarship (Special Education)
  • Other Esteem Scholarship
  • Julie I. Wilkinson Scholarship (Nursing)
  • USD Real Estate Alumni Association Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • Elizabeth Baker Woods Education Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships

Donors have endowed the university with the following funds, which provide for scholarships to be awarded annually for the life of the university. The requirements vary and are established by the donor.

  • Douglas E. Barnhart ELDA Scholarship
  • H.N. and Frances C. Berger Nursing Endowed Scholarship
  • Thomas C. Breitling Endowed Scholarship Fund (Business)
  • Loretta Breyer Nursing Endowed Scholarship
  • Edward and Gretchen Cairns Memorial Endowed Scholarship for Nursing
  • Mickey Carhart Memorial Scholarship Fund (Real Estate)
  • Yvonne E. Chiesi Carteron Nursing Scholarship
  • Colachis Endowed Scholarship (Business)
  • E.J. Culligan Memorial Endowed Scholarship (Business)
  • Desmond Nursing Loan Fund
  • The Donald C. and Elizabeth M. Dickinson Foundation MEPN Endowed Nursing Scholarship
  • Fieldstone Foundation Endowed Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • James Gianulis Memorial Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • Mary Gresko Nursing Scholarship1
  • Ethel M. Horsch Nursing Scholarship
  • Jane P. Johnson Endowed Scholarship (Education)1
  • Manchester Endowment (Nursing)1
  • Marasco Family Endowed Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • Mark J. Riedy Legacy Scholarship (Real Estate)
  • Master of Science in Executive Leadership Endowed Scholarship
  • Elizabeth Ann Mottet Nursing Scholarship1
  • James Orwig, MD Memorial Nursing Endowed Scholarship
  • Irene Sabelberg Palmer Scholarship (Nursing)
  • Janet A. Rodgers Nursing Endowed Scholarship
  • John Ronchetto Memorial Scholarship (Business)
  • Donald P. and Darlene V. Shiley MFA Endowment1
  • Spain Family Scholarship (Religious education)
  • Stallard Family Nursing Scholarship1
  • Pearl and Natalie Surkin Endowed Nursing Scholarship Fund
  • Cathleen K. Wilson, RN, PhD Memorial Scholarship for Leadership in Nursing
  • Kaye and Richard Woltman Nursing MEPN Scholarship
  • Daniel Woodruff Memorial Scholarship (Real Estate)