Campus Recreation and Sports

Campus Recreation offers members of the university community many opportunities to use their leisure time constructively to complement USD’s academic experience. Students are encouraged to use the facilities of the Sports Center at the east end of campus. Facilities include a heated swimming pool, a six-basket gym, two indoor volleyball courts, four tennis courts and exercise rooms. Other on-campus facilities include the Jenny Craig Pavilion McNamara Fitness Center, Mission Café and Fitness Center, Manchester multi-use field and the Valley soccer/multi-use field by the Mission Crossroads. In addition, sailing, water-skiing and surfing facilities and equipment at the Mission Bay Aquatic Center are available on a fee basis for use by the USD community. Students may also participate in the many recreation classes (as for-credit or non-credit) offered by the Campus Recreation department. Some of the classes include: golf, scuba, martial arts, yoga, dance, tennis, swimming, fitness and many additional leisure activity courses. In addition, students are encouraged to sign up as free agents or organize teams to participate in the more than 20 intramural leagues. Other leisure programs available throughout the year include a master’s swim training program, injury rehabilitation, specialized weekend fitness classes and Group Ex Fitness. For more information, please visit the Campus Recreation website.

Special Events

The Special Events program brings together many organizations and departments within the university to offer social events and activities that enhance the campus community. Some of the events may include; Family Weekend golf tournament, Extramural Beach Volleyball, wellness workshops and specialty classes, and many other engaging events.

Intramural Sports

With a full schedule of men’s, women’s, co-recreational teams and individual sports activities, the intramural program offers every community member the opportunity to participate in competitive as well as recreational sports. Activities include softball, football, basketball, tennis, soccer, golf, running events, volleyball, dodge ball, table tennis, inner tube water polo and more. Additionally, Campus Recreation has a Grad/Law Recreation program designed specifically for graduate and law students. This program includes intramural leagues and community special events for graduate students only.

Sports Clubs

Sports Clubs are student-registered organizations administered through the Campus Recreation department. USD community members may register to join a competitive and/or recreational sports club on campus. Competitive Sports Clubs include: Baseball, Equestrian, Men’s and Women’s Lacrosse, Men’s Rugby, Men’s and Women’s Soccer, Men’s and Women’s Volleyball, Surf, Men’s Water Polo, Water Ski, Ultimate Frisbee, Climbing, Tennis, Golf, Cross Country and Ice Hockey. These clubs compete in local and national collegiate leagues plus host tryouts. Recreational Sports Clubs such as Dance Company may compete in competitions; however they tend to sponsor recreational activities as their primary function. For more information, please visit the Campus Recreation Sport Clubs website.

University Fitness

University Fitness (USD FIT) is a branch of Campus Recreation and is dedicated to developing the minds, bodies and souls of the campus community. Services are centered in the Bradford Lee Bosley Mission Café and Fitness Center, a wellness focused facility located in the heart of Mission housing. Supporting the mission and values of USD, the center promotes healthy lifestyle choices and social interaction to enhance the total student experience. USD FIT offers group exercise classes and personal training at nominal fees to the campus community. For more information please visit Mission Fitness Center. USD community members may also enjoy informal use of the JCP McNamara Fitness Center and the Sports Center.

Outdoor Adventures

Outdoor Adventures, which is part of Campus Recreation, offers services to students, faculty, staff and alumni for a reduced price, encouraging self-growth and self-expression. The OA Trips Program offers outings such as surfing, rock climbing, kayaking, canoeing, snorkeling, backpacking, hiking and outdoor cooking, as well as a rental and retail area for people interested in planning a personal outing. Another popular program is the Customized Trip Program where private outings for groups are planned based on their specific requests. Outdoor Adventures offers guide development and facilitator training programs for students to learn to lead trips, facilitate group programs and an Orientation Adventure Freshmen wilderness program allows new students the opportunity to meet their peers in the great outdoors before the start of school. Outdoor Adventures is located in the University Center, Room 136, (619) 260-4709 or go to Outdoor Adventures.


As a member of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), the University of San Diego Department of Intercollegiate Athletics maintains a full program of sports for men and women. Sanctioned men's and women's athletic teams represent the university in Division I National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) competition as members of the eight-team West Coast Conference. (The football team competes in the NCAA Division IA Pioneer Football League, the swimming and diving team competes in the Western Athletic Conference and the women’s softball team is in the Pacific Coast Softball Conference). The university is represented in the following Division I sports: baseball, basketball, rowing, cross country, football, men's golf, soccer, rowing, cross country, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track and field and women's volleyball.

Athletic Eligibility

Admission to the university does not imply eligibility to compete in intercollegiate athletics, particularly in the case of students transferring from another college or university. Concerns about athletic eligibility should be directed to the appropriate coach or to the Assistant Director of Athletics for Compliance.