Graduate Student Associations

The graduate student associations are funded by graduate student fees to enhance the intellectual and social life of graduate students. The organizations include: the Graduate Student Association in the College of Arts and Sciences; the Graduate Business Student Association; the Graduate Student Association in the School of Leadership and Education Sciences; and the Graduate Nursing Students’ Association. There is also a Graduate Student Council with a representative from each of the schools and the college. Each organization elects its own slate of officers to represent it before the university administration and each association functions as a service organization. Although not every association provides the same services, many hold social functions throughout the year, provide scholarship assistance, award fellowships and assist students with job placement.

Asian Students In Alliance (ASIA)

Mission: ASIA serves as a support network for graduate students of Asian descent with the goal of supporting and promoting diversity within the USD community by enhancing educational growth and compassionate community service through collaboration and professional development.

Black Graduate Student Association (BGSA)

To serve as a support network for graduate students of African or Black heritage, and provide resources that will enhance the academic, professional, and personal successes of those students.

Chi Sigma Iota – Sigma Delta Chapter

The purposes of the Society shall be to promote scholarship, research, professionalism, leadership and excellence in counseling, and to recognize high attainment in the pursuit of academic and clinical excellence in the profession of counseling.

Graduate Business Student Association

To represent the students of the Graduate School of Business and the Master of Real Estate, Tax and Accountancy Programs in all matters within the Graduate School of Business and across the University of San Diego. It is our mission to promote and enhance the professional development and career opportunities of all students under our umbrella. We actively promote the purposes of the University of San Diego in the community it serves and support graduate students’ participation in that community. Last but certainly not least, we strive to bring students within our community together in order to develop lasting friendships and make positive memories by sponsoring fun, social, networking opportunities that also provide learning.

Graduate Business Veterans Organization (GBVO)

The USD Graduate Business Veterans Organization joins the University of San Diego in the development of socially responsible leaders with a global mindset. Our aim is to enhance the rigor, relevancy, and values of the USD MBA Program by integrating professionals from our military services into the University and its business network. This group is it is open to all School of Business Graduate students who are Active Duty, Reserve Duty or Veteran status.  The scope of our actions include active recruiting for high quality organization members, support for professionals in the USD MBA program, and facilitating productive connections in our local business community.

Graduate Nursing Student Association

The purpose of the Graduate Nursing Student Association (GNSA) is promote interaction among graduate nursing students, faculty members, alumni, graduate students at University of San Diego, and the nursing community. All graduate nursing students are members of the GNSA. The GNSA sponsors activities to enhance professional growth, provide an atmosphere for the exchange of ideas, facilitate collegiality among members and faculty, and assist student members by being a source of information. These objectives are achieved through sponsorship of conferences, speakers, instructional material, local projects, and through officer and committee representation within the School of Nursing and the University.

Graduate Student Council

In support of the University of San Diego's mission and values, the GSC serves the University of San Diego graduate student communities. The GSC promotes opportunities for connection, addresses graduate student issues, and enriches a diverse, inclusive, and engaged community.

Management Consulting Association (MCA)

The Management Consulting Association (MCA) is committed to promoting the interests of graduate students considering a career in management consulting. The MCA supports and facilitates interaction among consulting professionals, USD students, faculty and alumni through career and social events.

Masters of Arts in International Relations Graduate Student Association (MAIR GSA)

The University of San Diego’s Master of Arts in International Relations Graduate Student Association (MAIR GSA) is a representative voice for its students to enhance their academic experience.  The association provides networking opportunities and a support structure to assist students through the graduate program onward into professional careers in the vast and exciting field of IR.  The group is available to alumni, current MAIR and USD students. MAIR GSA’s goals are to build, maintain, and enhance student education and facilitate camaraderie thereby enriching professional development.

National Association of Women MBAs (NAWMBA)

To support the business, professional and leadership goals of women in USD graduate business programs through group, USD community, and San Diego Community involvement. To establish a lasting network and foundation of like-minded individuals who support those goals now and into the future through mentorship, executive education, and self-development tools.

Net Impact

The Net Impact Club, Graduate Chapter, USD is a part a community of over 40,000 student and professional leaders from over 300 volunteer-led chapters across the globe working for a sustainable future. Together, we make a net impact that transforms our lives, our organizations, and the world.

Peace and Justice Graduate Student Association

To enhance and empower students while adding value to their overall academic experience while at the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies: actively contribute to the growth and improvement of the Peace and Justice Studies Program; facilitate student participation; provide various resources including a place to discuss ideas and concerns alike; to help bring higher visibility to the Joan B. Kroc School of Peace Studies not only within the USD community but on a local, national and international level.

SOLES Graduate Student Association (SGSA)

The SGSA is a student governed association supporting post-baccalaureate students in scholastics and social experience at USD's School of Leadership and Education Sciences.

SOLES Latino Graduate Student Association

The SOLES Latino Graduate Student Association (SLGSA) is an organization that offers a support and social network for Latino students, staff and alumni, which contributes to the principles of SOLES by upholding the values of family, culture, and academic excellence through the promotion of scholarship, community engagement and mentorship. The SLGSA hosts a number of events throughout the year.

USD Family Business Club

To provide a collaborative community for the University of San Diego students to explore innovative opportunities within family businesses, discuss potential issues, develop connections to other family-owned enterprises, and facilitate thoughtful discussions surrounding the development and growth of family businesses.

Venture Hub

Venture Hub exists to serve as a globally collaborative community dedicated to enabling relationships between entrepreneurs worldwide. It aims to maintain these relationships by sharing news, events and opportunities with a greater international forum. In promoting local growth, Venture Hub seeks to connect San Diego to a network of enabling organizations, global chapters and start up initiatives.