2020-2021 Undergraduate Academic Calendar

The below graduate programs will follow this calendar. Students in these programs should contact their respective departments for specific deadline information: 

MA, International Relations
MS, Environmental and Ocean Sciences

(Please send any corrections to Kristin Scialabba.)

Fall Semester 2020


July 15 - Aug 17 Dates vary Orientation sessions


17 Mon. Classes begin
20 Thurs. Mass of the Holy Spirit (Contact Mission & Ministry for Information)
26 Wed. Final registration/fee payment without penalty
26 Wed. Last day to enroll in classes
27 Thurs. Late charges begin


7 Mon. Labor Day holiday (no classes, offices closed)
10 Thurs. Deadline 100 percent tuition refund
10 Thurs. Last day to drop a class without a 'W'
12 Sat. Makeup day from Labor Day Holiday
14 Mon. Competency exam fee deadline: Language
17 Thurs. Deadline 70 percent tuition refund
24 Thurs. Deadline 60 percent tuition refund
26 Sat. Competency exam: Language


1 Thurs. 2021/2022 Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available
1 Thurs. Deadline 50 percent tuition refund
2 Fri. Financial Aid applications for Intersession 2021 available
2 - 29 Fri. - Thurs. Online class reservation for Intersession 2021
5 Mon. Midterm grades due (undergraduate only)
12 Mon. Class reservation begins for Spring 2021
16 Fri. Priority deadline for Intersession 2021 Financial Aid Applications
20 Tues. Deadline to select letter grade or pass/fail option
26 Mon. Last Day to withdraw from classes with a "W"
26 Mon. Deadline for removal of Incomplete grades from prior semester/Summer Sessions
30 Fri. Competency exam fee deadline: Mathematics


2 Mon. Deadline to petition for May or August 2021 graduation
2 Mon. Email registration begins for Intersession 2021 with One Stop Student Center
7 Sat. Competency exam: Mathematics
13 Fri. Last day of fall classes
14 - 15 Sat. - Sun. Study days
16 - 20 Mon. - Fri. Final examinations
25 - 27 Wed. - Fri. Thanksgiving Holiday (offices closed Thursday and Friday)
30 Mon. Final grades for fall 2020 due


1 Tues. Intersession 2020 tuition/fee due

Special Session 2020 (optional)


Nov. 30 Mon. First day of Special Session classes
Dec. 18 Fri. Last day of Intersession classes

Intersession 2021 (optional)


4 Mon. First day of Intersession classes
18 Mon. Martin Luther King Jr. holiday (no classes, offices closed)
22 Fri. Last day of Intersession classes

For specific courses, dates and registration procedures for Intersession visit www.sandiego.edu/sio

Spring Semester 2021


14 Thurs. Final registration and final fee payment deadline without penalty
15 Fri. Late Charges Begin
18 Mon. Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday (No Classes, Offices Closed)
4-24 Mon.-Sun. New Student Spring Orientation: Please check the Spring Orientation website for details
22 Fri. Competency Exam: Language
25 Mon. Classes Begin


3 Wed. Last Day to Enroll in Classes and to Drop a Class without a 'W'
3 Wed. Deadline 100 Percent Tuition Refund
4 Thurs. All Faith Service
10 Wed. Deadline 90 Percent Tuition Refund
17 Wed. Deadline 80 Percent Tuition Refund
24 Wed. Deadline 70 Percent Tuition Refund


2 Fri. Priority deadline for Undergraduate Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 financial aid (FAFSA) application
3 Wed. Deadline 60 Percent Tuition Refund
10 Wed. Deadline 50 percent tuition refund
15 Mon Financial Aid Applications for Summer 2021 Available
15-31 Mon.-Wed. Online class reservation for Summer Sessions 2021
17 Wed. Mid-term grades due
22 Mon. Competency Exam fee deadline
Mar. 29-April 5 Mon.-Mon. Spring Break/Easter Break (No Classes)


Mar. 29-April 5 Mon-Mon Spring Break/Easter Break (No Classes)
1 Thurs. Priority deadline for Graduate Fall 2021 and Spring 2022 financial aid (FAFSA) applications
1 Thurs. Priority deadline for Summer 2021 financial aid applications
7 Wed. Walk-in registration begins for Summer Sessions 2021 at the One Stop Student Center
7 Wed. Class Reservation Begins for Fall 2021
7 Wed. Deadline to change grade option to pass/fail with advisor approval
9 Fri. Last day to withdraw from classes with “W”
9 Fri. Deadline for Removal of Incompletes from Prior Semester and Intersession
10 Sat. Competency Exam: Lower-Division and Upper-Division English


1 Sat. Summer 2021 Tuition/Fee Due
4 Tues. Honors Convocation
10 Mon. Last Day of Classes
11-12 Tues-Wed. Study Day
13-19 Thurs.- Wed. Final Examinations
NROTC Commissioning Ceremony
22-23 Sat-Sun Undergraduate Commencement Ceremonies
26 Wed. Spring 2021 Final Grades Due

Summer 2021 (optional)

June, July, August

June 1 Tues. First day of Summer Sessions
July 5 Mon. Independence Day Holiday (no classes, offices closed)
Aug 20 Fri. Last day of Summer Sessions

For specific courses, dates and registration procedures for Summer Sessions visit www.sandiego.edu/sio