General Requirements for Bachelor's Degree

The university will confer the bachelor’s degree upon candidates who satisfactorily complete the following:

  1. 124 semester units of credit, with at least 48 units in upper division courses
  2. the core curriculum program
  3. a major concentration including at least 24 units of upper division work, and satisfying the requirements of the department/school in question
  4. a minor field, if one is required by the department/ school in which one takes a major; a minor field includes 18 or more units. At least 6 units in the minor must be in upper division courses, and these units require a grade point average of 2.0 with C– or better
  5. Maintain a grade point average of 2.0 or better in courses at USD and in upper division courses in the major, and a grade of C– or better in a minimum of 24 Upper-Division Units in fulfillment of the requirements for the major. Courses transferred to USD in which the student earned a grade of C or better may be counted toward this requirement, subject to possible limitation by a department/school as to the number of units from such courses which may be accepted for this purpose
  6. The residence requirement (completion of the final 30 semester units at the University of San Diego)
  7. Settlement of all financial obligations to the university.

Applicability of New Academic Requirements

Lower-Division Requirements

Changes in Lower-Division Requirements, including prerequisites for a major, are not applicable to students already enrolled at USD.

Upper-Division Requirements

Changes in Upper-Division Requirements, including requirements for a major, are:

  1. applicable to freshmen, and to sophomores who have not yet enrolled in upper division courses in their major, provided that the new academic requirements do not affect prerequisites for the major
  2. not applicable to juniors and seniors.

A student who so chooses may elect to fulfill new rather than previous requirements, except that the student may not intermingle previous and new requirements.

When a department/school deletes one course and substitutes a new one, only those students who have not completed the deleted course will be required to take the replacement course.

If new requirements are favorable to the student, the university may make them immediately applicable, unless the student objects.