Declaring the Major

The entering student may declare a major at any time after the beginning of the first semester of attendance by completing the Declaration of Major form, which is available at the Office of the Registrar. Go to “Forms,” then select “Declaration of Major.” The same form is used to declare a minor, a certificate program, a second major, etc. As with the major, all these other programs must be declared formally. In addition, the same form is used to officially change advisors. Students must obtain the necessary signatures on the form and return it to the Office of the Registrar. Students must declare a major before selecting a minor. Forms are available at the One Stop Student Center website.

The selection of a major has important and long-lasting consequences. Students who make their choice hastily and thoughtlessly run the risk either of finding themselves in an unsatisfying career or of making a subsequent costly adjustment to their program. Those who needlessly postpone their decision beyond a reasonable time also make a potentially costly error. Students should declare their major as early as possible so that their advisors can guide them in the selection of appropriate courses. Students choosing to major in engineering, liberal studies, the sciences, or in business administration should select those majors early in their academic career.

The university’s Career Development Center is prepared to offer its services to students who face this difficult decision. Through personal interviews and extensive standardized testing, its counselors help students to assess their academic assets, dominant interest patterns and potential for success.

When a decision to change a major concentration has been reached the student must complete the Change of Major form. Juniors and seniors who contemplate a change of major should be aware that a change is likely to necessitate taking additional courses in order to complete their requirements.