Only students who have been officially admitted to USD’s undergraduate degree program, or as a special student taking a maximum of six units, are permitted to register. Registration takes place only when the student completes and submits all appropriate forms and pays all required tuition and fees. No credit will be granted for courses in which a student is not officially admitted and registered.

Registration Deadlines

Students are responsible for adhering to the deadlines for registration, payment, withdrawal and change of registration listed in the Academic Calendar, published in the Undergraduate Course Catalog, on the Summer and Intersessions website and in registration instructions distributed subsequently.

New Undergraduate Students

Information regarding registering for classes will be e-mailed to students and will be also be available in the MySanDiego portal after receipt of their enrollment deposit, beginning in late May. A freshman advising questionnaire will be provided, which includes information about courses and schedules. Completing this questionnaire begins the registration process and the matching of students to an academic advisor. Upon arrival at USD, all international students must report promptly to the Office of International Students and Scholars.

Continuous Registration

Upon matriculation, students are expected to register every fall and spring semester until all degree requirements have been completed. Exceptions to this policy will be made for students who have been approved for a leave of absence (see Leave of Absence).

Change of Course Registration - Dropping or Adding Courses

In the regular fall and spring semesters, courses may be added during the first eight days of class and may be dropped until the 10th week of the semester, without risk of academic penalty. Withdrawal within that time limit will be recorded as W. After that date there is no possibility of withdrawal; the student will receive a grade for the course. A grade of W does not enter into the computation of the GPA. Unofficial withdrawal from a course results in a grade of F. For deadlines during Summer Sessions and Intersession, go to Summer and Intersession OfficeStudents who discontinue class attendance and neglect to withdraw officially from the course are subject to failing the class. Courses dropped before the last day to add a class will not be included on the transcript. Courses officially dropped between the last day to add classes and the last day to withdraw from classes will receive a grade of ‘W’ (not included in the GPA). After the drop deadline, a grade will be reported for all courses. Freshman students must have the approval of the preceptor to add or drop a course.

Students who receive any form of financial aid must consult with the One Stop Student Center if their registered units drop below the required number of units for continuation of aid. Registered students who withdraw from the university (e.g. terminate all courses in progress) must officially drop their courses by filing an Undergraduate Student Withdrawal Form with the Center for Student Success. The same drop policies and deadlines apply to students who withdraw from the university as for those who drop only one course (see also Withdrawal from the University).


Auditing a course means attending a class without credit, without the obligation of regular attendance and without the right to have tests and examinations scored or corrected.

Students register for audit in the same manner as for credit. Those who audit courses are not eligible for credit by examination in such courses, nor are they eligible for financial aid, nor may auditors register for credit after the last official day to register in a class. Switching from credit to audit or audit to credit is not allowed after the last official day to register in a class. Each course audited is entered on the student’s permanent record. Auditing of laboratory courses or education recreation courses is not permitted.

Students wishing to register for credit have priority over those who desire to audit. The fee is $160 per credit hour.

Change of Address

Students are responsible for informing the Registrar’s Office in writing of any change in either their permanent or local address so that they will receive all information vital to their enrollment. Failure to receive instructions due to an incorrect address will not be considered a legitimate reason for a policy exception if the student did not file a Change of Address form in the One Stop Student Center prior to the mailing of the information.