Student Load

For a student to qualify as full time, 12 units minimum are required. However, the normal student load is 15-16 units. To exceed 18 units, the authorization of the student’s advisor and of the pertinent dean must be obtained in writing. Ordinarily, no enrollment beyond 18 units will be approved unless the applicant has maintained a GPA of 3.0 cumulatively and in the immediate past semester. These restrictions on student load also apply to courses taken concurrently at another college or university for transfer to USD.

The maximum student load during Intersession is four units, and the maximum student load for the summer sessions is 13 units in a 12-week period. These maxima also apply to any combination of courses taken concurrently at USD and another college or university.

Undergraduate unit requirement for full-time and part-time enrollment:

  • Full Time: 12+ units
  • 3/4 Time: 9-11.5 units
  • Half-Time: 6-8.5 units
  • Less than Half-Time: 1-5.5 units