Unit and Grade Point Requirements

To qualify for a degree, the student must earn a minimum of 124 semester units of credit. A unit is defined as the amount of credit awarded for satisfactory performance in one lecture period or one laboratory period for one semester. A minimum grade point average of C (GPA 2.0) is required in the total work attempted at USD.

Of the 124 units required for graduation, 48 must be in upper division courses, that is, those numbered 300 or higher. In order to register in courses which carry upper division credit, the student is normally required to have a combination of completed and in progress units totaling at least 45 units for the College of Arts and Sciences and 60 units for the School of Business.

In the College of Arts and Sciences, where, in the judgment of the instructor of record or department chair, the student has acquired the necessary basic proficiency, the student may be permitted to enroll in upper division courses for upper division credit even though he or she may still have only freshman or first semester sophomore standing. In such cases, the approval from the instructor of record or department chair is required.

In the School of Business, a student is permitted to enroll in upper division business courses when he or she has earned 60 credit units, attended the School of Business Orientation and successfully completed MATH 130 or 150 with a grade of C– or better. The one exception to taking upper division business classes is Fundamentals of Marketing, in which a student may enroll with 45 credit units presuming all other requirements are met.