Institute of College Initiatives

The Institute of College Initiatives (ICI) oversees the USD TRiO programs funded by the U.S. Department of Education: Upward Bound, McNair Scholars and Student Support Services. ICI also collaborate with local educational institutions that include Expanding Your Horizons (science, math and technology conference for 6th through 10th grade girls), Botball and Global Leadership Connection (for high school juniors) among other programs and liaisons. The USD TRiO Upward Bound program supports low-income, first-generation college students from Kearny High School in Linda Vista in their preparation for college entrance education through academic advising, tutoring, SAT preparation, college admissions and financial aid guidance and a five-week summer residential academic program on USD’s campus. The USD McNair Scholars program prepares high-achieving undergraduate students for doctoral study through research and scholarly activities with faculty mentors in their discipline. Student Support Services (SSS) serves over 300 USD students from low-income and/or first generation backgrounds and/or who have documented disabilities through advising, financial aid and personal counseling, instructional support, peer networking, mentoring and post-BA planning.

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