Admission to Freshman Standing

  1. Graduation from secondary school, completion of a General Education Diploma (GED) or State High School Proficiency Examination.
  2. Performance in secondary school. Applicants are expected to present a well-balanced secondary school program of at least four academic subjects each year (including college preparatory courses in English, foreign language, mathematics, laboratory science, history and social science). Both the content of the program and the quality of the performance will be considered.
  3. Scores on the SAT Reasoning Test or ACT. Students should plan to take this test in their junior year, early in their senior year or at least nine months prior to their planned university enrollment.  For both tests, students are required to take the writing section.
  4. Academic letter of recommendation.
  5. Personal essay.
  6. Evidence of leadership, talent, service or other qualities which will lead to success and meaningful participation in college and the larger community.

Additional prior preparation is strongly recommended for students planning to pursue a major in engineering. For further information, please review the Shiley-Marcos School of Engineering portion of this course catalog.