Art, Architecture + Art History

The Majors

The Department of Art, Architecture + Art History is home to visual arts, architecture, and art history majors. Our students are introduced to a great variety of artistic practices, both traditional and emerging, before concentrating in one of these disciplines. Dedicated to exploring the creative practices at the forefront of our disciplines, we believe that art and architecture not only mirror the society in which they are produced, but also shape it: we are most interested in art’s potential to offer a critique of culture and help envision a better environment for the future.


Allison Wiese, MFA


Can Bilsel, PhD

Derrick Cartwright, PhD

Victoria Fu, MFA

John Halaka, MFA

Daniel López-Pérez, PhD

Juliana Maxim, PhD

Saba Oskoui, MFA

Jessica Lee Patterson, PhD

Matthew Rich, MFA

Shannon Starkey, MA

Sally E. Yard, PhD