Classical Studies

The Classical Studies Minor

The classical world was the crucible in which Christianity and the western artistic, literary, philosophical, and political traditions were formed. The classical studies minor is an interdisciplinary academic program that provides students with an opportunity to supplement their major with a structured and directed program of study in the histories, religions, cultures, languages, and societies of Greco-Roman antiquity. It is designed to help students develop a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of the Greek, Hellenistic, and Roman civilizations of the Mediterranean (ca. 750 BC–ca. AD 500), and in so doing to enrich their understanding of themselves, their major, and the Catholic tradition.


Option I:

Three semesters in Greek or Latin and nine units in upper division classical studies courses from a minimum of two disciplines (listed below), plus either a fourth semester in a classical language or three units from the lower-division classical studies courses (listed below).

Option II:

18 units, including 6 Lower-Division Units from the courses below, and 12 Upper-Division Units from a minimum of two academic disciplines.

Select 6 Lower-Division Units from:
ARTH 133Introduction to Art History I3
ENGL 220Studies in Genre3
ENGL 228Studies in World Literature3
HIST 102The Ancient World3
PHIL 270History of Ancient Philosophy3
Select 12 Upper-Division Units from:
ANTH 390Archaeology of the Bible3
ANTH 391Bethsaida Archaeological Field School3
ENGL 494Special Topics3
GREK 499Independent Study1-3
HIST 311Greek Civilization3
HIST 312Roman Civilization3
HIST 321The Fall of the Roman Empire3
LATN 499Independent Study1-3
PHIL 470Studies in Ancient Philosophy3
POLS 301Political Thought:Ancient to Modern3
THRS 353Early Christianity3
THRS 385Paul, the Man & his Message3
THRS 388The World of the Bible3

Program Director

Ryan Abrecht, PhD, History