Psychological Sciences

The Department of Psychological Sciences offers a major and minor in Psychology and a major in Behavioral Neuroscience.

Due to the number of shared courses between the Behavioral Neuroscience major and the Biology and Psychology majors, students with a Behavioral Neuroscience major are not eligible to double-major in Psychology or Biology, or minor in Psychology.

The Psychology Major

Psychology is the scientific study of human and animal behavior and the cognitive and biological processes that underlie it. The objective of USD’s psychological sciences program is to advance the student’s understanding of psychology as a science, a profession, and a means of promoting the welfare of humans and animals. The major is designed to help students prepare for admission into graduate or professional school in psychology and to provide a foundation for entry into fields such as neuroscience, clinical/counseling psychology, law and criminal justice, primary and secondary education, healthcare, business, human resources, the ministry, and social work.

The Behavioral Neuroscience Major

The Behavioral Neuroscience major is an interdisciplinary major within the department of Psychological Sciences which emphasizes the interaction of behavior with biological systems including brain pathways, nervous systems and hormonal systems. Disciplines such as psychology, biology, chemistry, physics, anthropology, and philosophy all contribute to a cohesive understanding of psychological functions from a biological perspective. The assimilation of disciplines helps students develop intellectual skills in critical thinking and sound reasoning, and requires integration of knowledge from multiple levels of analysis, all of which are important characteristics of a liberal arts education. Career opportunities include jobs in healthcare, academia, government and the private sector.


Jennifer Zwolinski, PhD


Rachel E. Blaser, PhD

Andre Der-Avakian, PhD

Veronica V. Galván, PhD

Nadav Goldschmied, PhD

Jena Hales, PhD

Michael A. Ichiyama, PhD

Anne M. Koenig, PhD

Patricia Kowalski, PhD

Kristen McCabe, PhD

Adriana Molitor-Siegl, PhD

Stephen Pearlberg, MA

Victoria Rodriquez , PhD, Diversity Postdoctoral Fellow

Sandra Sgoutas-Emch, PhD

Divya Sitaraman, PhD

Annette Taylor, PhD

Rebekah Wanic, PhD

James M. Weyant, PhD