Changemaking Social Innovation (CHNG)


Units: 3 Repeatability: No

Core Attributes: First Yr Integration (LC Only), Domestic Diversity level 1

This course introduces students to ways in which individuals all over the world address social and environmental issues and their attempts to create solutions that are “more sustainable and just” than what existed. Students will gain knowledge of social innovations led by a variety of changemakers, who have sought to catalyze positive social transformations in different spheres of action across the world. The focus lies on individuals and groups with innovative endeavors and on the process for the implementation of their vision. It explores the passion, courage, empathy, and flexibility of changemakers. Questions addressed are: What motivates changemakers to pursue their visions, sometimes with relentless energy and refusing to take no for an answer? How do they navigate the process of social innovation in their own culture and in other cultures? Who do they involve in the process of achieving transformative and systematic social change? What is their personal journey?.


Units: 3 Repeatability: No

Core Attributes: Advanced Integration

Prerequisites: CHNG 101 and LEAD 160 and (SOCI 210D or SOCI 270 or THRS 231) and MGMT 312

The purpose of this course is to provide students with the opportunity to create a specific course of action to address a challenging social issue. There are four objectives of the Changemaking Capstone course. First, it provides students with the opportunity to gain practical experience with changemaking in a real-world setting. Second, it provides an opportunity for students to synthesize, integrate and apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired while pursuing the minor. Third, it offers students the opportunity to collaborate with other students, faculty, and changemakers outside of USD on their projects. And fourth, it requires students to create an original project that addresses a social issue at USD or in another community.