Liberal Studies (LBST)


Units: 3 Repeatability: No

Core Attributes: Domestic Diversity level 1

This course provides an overview of the teaching profession and explores a variety of issues relating to the modern classroom and student success. The course offers a variety of perspectives on education including historical, philosophical, social, legal, and ethical issues in a diverse society in addition to background knowledge in the organizational structure of schools. Topics broadly explore the purposes of schools in society and the knowledge, dispositions, and performances required to be an effective teacher today. Other topics may include academic policies and procedures; parents and community involvement in education; the role of technology in the classroom; study skills and content specifications and standards. Additionally, this course has been designed so that participants with different interests can shape their own learning and maximize their own intellectual and educational interests.


Units: 3 Repeatability: No

Core Attributes: Advanced writing competency, Advanced Integration

Prerequisites: LBST 100

The Liberal Studies major culminates in the capstone course in which the student will meaningfully connect the concentration area to course work taken and complete a semester-long research project. This is an opportunity to participate in an in-depth intellectual examination of an area of personal and academic interest. The student will demonstrate the ability 1) to reason and write clearly and analytically; 2) to comprehend writings on key questions and complex problems in the education field from an interdisciplinary perspective; and 3) to reflect upon his/her educational experiences in the concentration area and on his/her role as a future educator. Each student will create a research project that exemplifies an ability to integrate the area of concentration to examine a complex issue, problem, or phenomenon that in some way relates to their role as future teachers. One or more class presentations are typically required in addition to a substantial written work.