Most financial aid packages consist of funds drawn from several sources – federal, state and institutional. Application forms and deadlines may change each year. Students can access current information on the USD OFA website; the Office of Financial Aid or the One Stop Student Center. Students should apply for everything for which they may be eligible.

Important Deadlines

March 2 is the date by which a valid Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be postmarked or submitted on line in order to receive priority consideration for available federal and USD funds for all freshmen, transfer and continuing undergraduate students.

March 2 is also the deadline to apply for California State Grants (Cal Grants). Both the FAFSA and the GPA Verification Form must be postmarked or submitted on line by this date.

Student Budgets

Please refer to the Guide to Financial Aid Consumer Information at USD on the OFA website for information on how student budgets are constructed and how they are used in determining a student’s financial aid eligibility. USD costs may be viewed on the Student Financial Services website.