Payment Plans

Monthly Installment Plan

The Monthly Installment Plan allows for payment in five (per semester) installments covering actual expenses per semester. The five-payment per semester installment plan has a $50 non-refundable administrative charge each semester which is payable when signing up for the plan.

The Monthly Installment Plan operates according to the following guidelines:

  1. The student account balance with the university must not be delinquent and prior semester charges must have been paid on a current basis to be considered for the Installment Contract.
  2. Payments begin on August 1 for the fall semester plan and on January 1 for the spring semester plan.
  3. To enroll in the monthly installment plan, login to the MySanDiego portal, under the Torero Hub tab select "My Student Account" page.
  4. Adjustments are made to monthly installment plan payments as charges and/or credits occur.
  5.  In the event of a contract default, USD may refuse the student or contract buyer a subsequent installment contract.
  6. All payments, which are due on the first of the month throughout the contract life, must be current. If a student’s installment plan is not kept current, the university reserves the right to cancel the student’s current and future class reservations and room and meal plan arrangements. If installment payments are not current at the time of fall and/or spring semester fee payment/registration deadlines, a late registration fee must be paid.
  7. A $50 processing fee is required upon execution of the monthly installment plan per semester.
  8. Automatic deduction from a checking or savings account is available.
  9. Tuition, and room and meal plan payments received are refundable in accordance with the university’s published refund policy.
  10. Installment payments are not available for study abroad programs, summer or intersession.

Additional information on payment plans is available from the One Stop Services Center, located in Hahn University Center, room 126 or by phone at (619) 260‑2700.

To establish a payment plan or monthly installment contract: Log into the MySanDiego portal, under the Torero Hub tab select "My Student Account" page, then click "My Online Student Account". If you are eligible, you will see the installment plan option under the installment payment plans channel. In order to effectively initiate an installment plan contract, you must pay the exact amount indicated in the installment amount due line.