Registration/Fee Payment Policy

Class registration is not officially completed until all tuition, room, meal plan charges and fees are paid, except for those students who have formally enrolled in the university’s monthly installment plan described below. Each student is financially responsible for payment of fees and charges assessed to his\her student account. Students receive bill notification electronically via their USD e-mail address. Payment of fees is due by the specified published due dates. Account must be kept current In order to maintain enrollment eligibility and receipt of official University documents and services. Please note that students who have not paid their account in full (or are not current with installment plan payments) on or before the published payment deadline will be subject to the assessment of late charges, cancellation of course enrollment and housing assignment and the application of holds preventing transcript release and registration privileges. In addition, delinquent student accounts may be referred to an external agency for collection. Delinquent account information may also be disclosed to credit reporting agencies, which could endanger the student's credit rating.  Reserved classes and current registration may be canceled by the university if the student does not complete fee payment by the assigned fee payment dates in August and January for the respective fall and spring semesters respectively. (See Academic Calendar). A late registration fee may be charged to students who do not complete fee payment by the deadline in the academic calendar. A monthly interest late payment penalty of .8333% will be imposed on all students who do not complete fee payment by the deadline in the Academic Calendar. The monthly percentage of .833 is calculated by dividing the 10% APR by 12 months. Students who have an unpaid account may not register for subsequent semesters; receive grades or transcripts of academic credit or their diplomas. Accounts paid with a check that is returned by the bank and remains uncollected are not considered paid.

There is a $25 service charge for returned checks. A monthly interest late penalty, if applicable, may be assessed to the student account if a check is returned. This fee is in addition to the $25 service charge. Any benefit derived from, or deadline met by, remitting a check which is later returned by the bank, will become void. If a returned check transaction has been posted to a student account, USD reserves the right to refuse future payment in the form of a personal check from any individual for that student’s USD account. Courses added after the published payment deadline must be paid in full at the time of registration.

Note: Students on the monthly installment plan: Installment payments must be current throughout the contract life; if not current, the university reserves the right to cancel current and future class reservations and room and meal plan arrangements. If scheduled installment payments are not current by the assigned registration/fee payment days, a $150 late payment fee must be paid.

Registration/Fee Payment Procedure

To complete the official registration process, the following steps are required by the student:

  1. Dates, times and location of class reservation are announced in advance on the USD website each semester.
  2. Students may choose to complete the fee payment portion of registration conveniently by paying their student account online on My Student Account page, under the Torero Hub tab of the MySanDiego portal. Students may also pay the required tuition, fees, room and meal plan at the One Stop Student Center, Hahn University Center, Room 126. Students enrolled in the university’s monthly installment plan should remit their payment online on or before the first of the month.
  3. If the student plans to use estimated financial aid (including federal, state and/or USD loans, grants and scholarships) to cover his/her balance, the student must ensure all of the requirements of the award are met. You may check the requirements by logging on the MySanDiego portal and clicking on the Financial Aid page, under the Torero Hub tab of the MySanDiego portal. Failure to do so will subject the student to incur monthly interest late charges.

Note: Please read the Intersession and Summer Sessions’ course catalog for specific information regarding the registration/fee payment procedure for those academic periods.