Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE)


Units: 3 Repeatability: No

Core Attributes: First Yr Integration (LC Only), Ethical Inquiry area

This course provides introduction to the interdisciplinary cluster of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics. students will be introduced to some of the key intellectual tools from each of these disciplines, and shown how they can be used together to shed light on important theoretical and practical debates in morality, economics, and politics. Topics covered may include the nature and justification of property rights, the uses and limits of market prices in coordinating economic activity, the role of government regulation in correcting market failure, the nature and significance of key moral ideas such as distributive justice, freedom, and equality, and the application of these ideas to key policy debates such as health care, environmental regulation, and social welfare policy.


Units: 3 Repeatability: No

Core Attributes: Advanced Integration

Prerequisites: PPE 101

This course, which may be team-taught, provides students with the opportunity to synthesize the philosophical, political, and economic skills and knowledge they have developed over the course of their PPE minor, and to apply them to a sustained inquiry into a relatively focused set of problems in public policy (e.g. financial regulation; the moral limits of markets) or theory (e.g. game theory and distributive justice; rationality and decision making). The course will culminate with the production of a substantial, tiered piece of original research.